I work on retro homebrew projects in my spare time. These span from small experiments on old hardware all the way to full fledged multi year endeavors like Coria and the Sunken City.

I code the projects in Assembly (Z80 and 6502) and C.

Additionally I write my own data-management tools that interface with the linker and compiler, so I don’t have to keep track of single bytes. Depending on the project those tools are written in C# and Python and range from simple command line tools to Full Sprite Editors.


Coria and the Sunken City

An ongoing project for the Gameboy and Gameboy Color

A vast Metroidvania pushing the bounds of what’s possible on gameboy Hardware. In development over several years by a team of 4.

project page

Postgirl Adventures

Sokoban meets Links Awakening (unreleased)

Gameboy Game about a Delivery Girl, whose main toolkit are various Crates and Boxes she’s carrying out.

Meet quirky monsters and save the world from evil, one delivery at a time.

Binding of Isaac NES

A birthday present for Ed McMillan

A NES Demake of the popular roguelike Binding of Isaac. Complete with procedural Level Generation, Item System, Bosses and multiple stages.


Leak or Die

Nordic Game Jame NES Game

An NES Game made in 48 hours at the Nordic Game Jam with a team of 3. The main Challenge was teaching the team how to develop for the retro system within the timeframe of the jam.

project pag





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